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March 26 - March 31

Join us next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:15 am for our next CrossFit 101 Class. The cost is $50 and will get you ready for a membership or punch card! Email to get signed up! 

Monday, March 26

Happy birthday Greg and Gloria! 

A. CrossFit Games 18.5

B. HSPU EMOTM x 7 x 4-7 reps

C. 3 Rounds
400m run
25 Sit-ups
200m Farmer Carry (normal KB weight)

Tuesday, March 27

A. Push-press 10-10-10

B. Teams of 3
25:00 AMRAP
500m Row
5 Burpee Broad Jumps
10 Toes-to-Bar

*congo line style

Wednesday, March 28

A. Deadlift 3 x 6

B. With a partner complete
3 Rounds
100 Wallballs
50 Pull-ups
100 Double-uners

Thursday, March 29

Happy birthday Sumit! 

A. Snatch + 2 Hang Snatch x 5 sets

B. Assualt Bike x 5:00
C. Handstand Walk x 100’ or Lateral Wall Walk x 50’
D. Suit Case Carry 4 x 100’

Friday, March 30

Happy birthday Ashley M. and Brad S.!

A. In teams of 4
Air Squats
* team 300m run after each round
alternate a much as you want

Saturday, March 31

Happy birthday Lena, Matthew S. and Kelly H. (Saturday) and Chase and Donalisa (Sunday)!

A. 1:00 on / 1:00 off
KB Swings
Calories on C2
Hang Power Cleans 135/95
Calories on Ski Erg

Complete the rotation until 100 reps have been achieved, Once you complete 100 reps of movement, remove it from the rotation.

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