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January 16 - January 21

Project Mayhem: Mark your calendar for our annual men’s night! Project Mayhem is Friday, February 3 from 6:30-9:30 pm. Email to get registered. It’s a free event- you will workout, fellowship and have fun!

CrossFit Open: The CrossFit Open registration started yesterday! Our goal is to have 100+ athletes register. Sign up under CrossFit Flower Mound as your affiliate.

The CrossFit Open is an online competition. You register at It begins February 24 and ends March 27. Each week a workout is released on Thursday night. You have until Monday night at 7:00 pm to enter a score there on their website. There will be an RX and a Scaled version of each workout so ANYONE can participate. You are then ranked against everyone in the WORLD! It's a great way to push yourself to the next level, challenge yourself a bit and have some fun with our community. Again, any fitness level can compete in this.

We have an event called Friday Night Lights every Friday night during the Open. We will begin at 5:30-ish pm and run heats until we finish. You will sign up for a heat on our Open Facebook site each week and then come complete the workout with a judge. It's an awesome atmosphere that you don't want to miss.

We also do the workout in class every Monday, along with an alternate workout if you already completed the workout at FNL.


Monday, January 16

Happy birthday Tamara and Cynthia M.!

A. EMOTM x 7
6/4 Handstand Push-ups  

B. AMRAP 26:00
50m Prowler Push
100m Farmer Carry
100m OH Carry
20 Toes to Bar
800m Run


Tuesday, January 17

Happy birthday Brent and Julie!

A. Strict Pull-ups
4 x 70%

B. Back Squat
3 x 15 at 55%

C. 2 Person 5k Row
*Switch every 2:00 and immediately perform 20 Push-ups every switch


Wednesday, January 18

A. EMOTM x 7
1 Snatch at 70%

B. AMRAP 8:00
15 Toes to Bar (Weighted Sit-ups)
30 Walking Lunges (20)


Thursday, January 19

Happy birthday Keith, Laura E. and Brooke!

A. Kipping Pull-ups
3 x 75%

B. 3 Rounds:
AMRAP 3:00
7 Power Cleans (185/120, 135/85)
50 Double Unders (35)
Rest 3:00


Friday, January 20

A. Thrusters
5 x 5

B. 10 Rounds:
100m Sprint
10 Burpees (7)


Saturday, January 21

4 x Max
3:00 Rest between

B. 20-18-15-12-9-6
Box Jumps (24/20, 20/16)
Weighted Sit-ups (40/25, 25/15)
KB Swings (53/35, 44/26) 

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