Marcus FC Fall 2019 Strength and Conditioning


Our program is designed to make your soccer play stronger, faster, and better. Our early morning schedule will allow us to train hard and avoid the heat. Closed sessions (only MFC Players) allow for team development and cohesiveness. We want to keep your soccer player injury free, so in each session we work on mobility/flexibility work, core strengthening, speed/agility, conditioning, and strength work (age and position appropriate). We will also touch on the importance of nutrition and sleep to help guide your player to the next level. 

Sept. 3rd - Nov. 7th

Tuesday & Thursdays 6:30 am - 8:00 am

Please use the following link to register. If you have trained with us in the past, you should have an account set-up. We can assist you in retrieving your password if you don't remember it. 

click on class sessions > click on Marcus FC Fall 2019