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Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 3:00 - 4:00 pm (11 years and older) 

Monthly pricing of  $90 - 3 days / week, $60 - 2 days / week, Semester punch cards (valid for 4 months)
$50 for 5 sessions

Homeschool PE Program est. in 2012

CrossFit Flower Mound’s Homeschool PE program is a strength and conditioning program designed to develop students physical, mental and leadership skills. From the physical aspect, CrossFit is used as the training methodology. The students use constantly varied (no standard routine just like the real world), functional movements (real world application) and perform them at high intensity (this varies for each student). As the students progresses physically, the workouts are individualized, thus never allowing for an athlete to plateau or get bored.

In the group training environment athletes depend on one another to help develop communication and leadership skills. Often the students will be paired up and given a physical task to complete, which forces the students to fine tune decision making skills under pressure situations. Team captains are voted on each year by the students. The elected captains will help direct warm-ups, organize equipment for the workout, lead teams during workouts and mentor new students.

In our three year of operation, athletes have testified to how the program has not just helped them get into better shape, but has completely changed their lives. Dramatic improvements in self-confidence, nutritional choices, decision making skills, leadership qualities and teamwork skills each have been noticed by both students and parents.

The heart of our HSPE program is to develop students athletically in a team atmosphere full of challenges while demanding focus and mental sharpness. We feel that by constantly creating a physically demanding task each student is pushed for the greatest possible growth potential.


Hear from the students...

"I am almost 16 years old and I've been doing CrossFit for almost three years. When I began I was weak and had little endurance. I am now able to back squat around 170 lbs, push-press around 100 lbs, deadlift over 200lbs, and I am super close to accomplishing my goal of a muscle up. I have made all this improvement without getting hurt too! CrossFit has changed my life for the better and I love the results!"  - Jessie Wuensch, female, 16 yrs old


"I started CrossFit in October of 2012. CrossFit has impacted me in so many ways…physically and mentally. Since joining CrossFit, I have gotten much stronger - I no longer think in terms of “I can’t”, but in terms of “I can” or “I will”. Before joining CrossFit, I was not confident in my ability or strength, and I didn’t care much about what I put into my body! Now, I can do pull-ups, push-ups, run a mile, be confident, and feel great about the way I eat. I can’t wait to get my first muscle-up. I have gained strength, confidence, motivation, and many new friends while doing CrossFit. Dave and Lindsey are awesome coaches who are really concerned with my form and encourage me to make goals and give all I can to achieve them. CrossFit is fun because I see improvement in myself, and because it never gets boring or easy!”Claire Crisco, female, 16 yrs. old


When I started CrossFit I was 13 years old and weighted175 lbs. At first I didn't want to even go to CrossFit because I was scared of working out, and I had no idea what I was doing. After a month I started liking the class and didn't want to miss it. A few months later I lost 40 lbs., and 3 years later I'm still able to keep a consistent bodyweight. CrossFit brought me from a below average fitness level to winning 1st place in a teen CrossFit competition. When I started Crossfitting I could do 1 strict pull-up, run a mile in over 8:00, and would struggle to do a simple air squat. Now I can run a mile in 5:23, do 20 strict pull-ups, and back-squat double bodyweight.”Isaac, male, 17 yrs. old